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People often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day… truth or fiction? Well there is actually science behind it! In the MySixPak plans you’ll find that most of our breakfast dishes are high in protein with some healthy carbs.


Quite simply it’s great to get some natural sugars into your body first thing in the morning as that’s what kickstarts much of your brain’s functioning abilities. Natural sugars are found in abundance within fruit, that’s why we include a fresh fruit juice in your bag most mornings. Aside from the science, they are delicious!

Morning Snack

It is essential to keep eating throughout the day, even between main meals. That’s why we include a morning snack that will typically be something to regulate your blood sugar levels and keep your metabolic rate in check. This could be something like our homemade sushi rolls.


Studies show that aside from the key nutritional aspects, taking a lunch break allows your mind to rest, recharge and refocus, which can directly improve your productivity for the rest of the day. MySixPak lunches tend to be high in protein, with some healthy carbs to keep you energy levels up.

Afternoon Snack

As you begin digesting your lunch, blood sugar levels may begin to slump once again with dopamine levels decreasing in parallel. MySixPak offers a range of items from our famous protein bakery such as protein Oreos, which are low in sugar and baked with natural whey protein to sweeten, ensuring your afternoons never drag on.


Is important as it gives your body the fuel it needs to rejuvenate as you sleep whilst also not putting too much strain on your digestive system whilst you sleep. With this in mind, you’ll see very few carbs in our dinner dishes in order to help support your body’s digestive process.Z

How Our
How Our Meal Plans Work


Pick the goal that is best suited to your fitness goal - MySixPak nutritionists then create and tailor our delicious meal plans, which change daily, to meet your goals.


Our chefs carefully prepare the meals and snacks each morning using only the finest ingredients. Each day your bag will contain breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as two delicious snacks and a fresh juice or fruit pot. This is your daily SixPak. In addition, you’ll receive protein baked goodies from our famous protein bakery!


Your SixPak is then delivered in a cooler bag to your preferred location in time for the start of your day. No more planning, shopping or cooking - sign-up and start enjoying the membership benefits today!

Our Plans


1,000 Calories – 173 AED / Day

Tailored for men who want to burn excess body fat or maintain a healthy weight, this plan will ensure you don’t go hungry on the way to your fitness goals

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2,000 Calories – 173 AED / Day

Designed to create a super-lean, muscular physique, this plan will boost your energy levels and leave you looking seriously cut. You'll shred within weeks and drop significant body fat.

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3,000 Calories – 173 AED / Day

This protein rich meal plan is specifically formulated for men to provide maximum muscle gains whilst burning body fat. You'll see rapid mass increase when consumed alongside an effective workout routine. Unleash the beast within!

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Super ToneUp
Super ToneUp

1,000 Calories – 173 AED / Day

Designed for express weight-loss, this plan ensures you won’t go hungry on the way to achieving your fitness goals

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1,300 Calories – 173 AED / Day

Tailored for women who want to speed up their metabolism and burn body fat that’s also effective for women who want to sustain their current healthy weight

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1,600 Calories – 173 AED / Day

A meal plan designed for more active women - the perfect plan for women who want to develop a curvier, more sculpted physique

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1,900 Calories – 198 AED / Day

Designed especially for new mums who want to ensure both mum and baby are getting the balanced nutrients they need

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Frequently Asked Questions

We never compromise on freshness, as a result of this promise we cook our food from scratch every morning, this way our food always reaches our clients bursting with flavour & freshness straight from the kitchen.
Creating meal plans to facilitate this sort of physique improvement are typically complex, time-consuming and expensive to prepare at home for the days ahead. Quite simply we create & deliver extremely tasty meal plans for less cost than you could create yourself at home.
Our meal plans are delivered 5 per week (Monday to Friday), allowing members to take rest days over the weekend. We will ask you to specify a time window between midnight - 6am for home deliveries OR from 6am - 9am for office deliveries. Please note these timings with be honoured to the best of our abilities, however bad traffic may occasionally lead to some deliveries being late, however if this does happen you will be notified in advance
Prices depend on the specific package you select and these can be seen on the website
There is actually no minimum period, we understand that many of our clients are traveling so we can be as flexible as you need us to be, you pick your dates and we deliver. Due to the nature of the meal plan diet however, we suggest a minimum sign-up period of 3 months to see the desired physique gains. There is a monthly option, however we reward our most committed members by giving them access a range of extra benefits.
No, it's included in the price of the meal plan
Our clients range from professional athletes and MMA fighters to postnatal mothers who are looking to get their old physique back. As long as you're committed to eating well and training right, you'll enjoy gains from the MySixPak meal plan


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